Answers for Men concerned about
or diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

Learn of the story about Jim Fenichel from an article published in the Washington Post. Jim’s PSA score spiked and prostate surgery loomed, but an MRI company offered another way. A must read for patients that have signs of prostate cancer and where a biopsy is recommended. Click HERE to read this article


An article from the Washington Post about more men forgoing aggressive treatment with low risk cancer.  Click HERE.


This is an article called The State of Prostate MRI in 2013. Click HERE to read this article


An opinion of the state of prostate MRI called ‘Into the Breach’. Click HERE to read this article


A detailed article on PSA testing.  Click HERE to read this.


A scholarly article about integrating MRI into the prostate cancer diagnostic pathway. Click HERE to read this article


MRI in Active Surveillance of Prostate Cancer – a detailed article from the European Association of Urology. Click HERE to read this release


A document detailing the detection of local recurrent prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy using dynamic contrast enhanced MRI with endorectal coil. Click HERE to read this.