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I have been practicing radiology for more than 30 years. I specialize in body imaging with a special interest in prostate cancer imaging.

I have read thousands of prostate MRI exams with very accurate results compared to biopsy and pathology results. I provide exclusive services at Partners Imaging.

I recommend that many men who are at risk for prostate cancer (e.g. elevated PSA, family history), planning for a biopsy, those already with a diagnosis of cancer and are considering active surveillance or planning treatment, and those who need to re-stage their disease, would benefit by obtaining a high resolution Multiparametric 3T MRI of the prostate of the type provided at Partners Imaging Center.

Partners Imaging Centers provides world class diagnostic imaging of the prostate using a new generation Siemens multiparametric 3T MRI. The exam is performed with or without an endorectal coil, providing high resolution anatomic imaging along with functional parameters using Dynamic Contrast Enhancement, Diffusion Weighted Imaging, Spectroscopy (Metabolite Imaging), and post processing software with computer aided detection.

Men travel from all over the USA and overseas to our center when they are concerned about or have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Download the following prostate MRI script here and present it to your physician to sign. Alternatively, just ask for a signed MRI prostate script.

If you choose to have your exam with us, we will be happy to also accept your MRI exam script written for another imaging facility or hospital. It is your right to choose the facility that will be performing and interpreting your exam.

If needed, we can also recommend a referring physician for you to see who can order a prostate MRI for you. Then, contact our office for an appointment and to confirm your insurance coverage or to obtain our low self pay rates. Bring the signed script to our Sarasota center and hand it to our reception staff on arrival.

Please read our website and also see the video (click button to the right) to learn more about prostate diagnostics.  This is a video from Professor Emberton who is known throughout the world as a prostate expert.

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