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or diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

Dr Richard Goldberg M.D.
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    A. Most hospitals will have significantly higher out of pocket costs to the patient compared to Partners Imaging. In addition, the fees that hospitals charge are not always transparent or easy to determine. There are often separate fees and bills from the hospital for the equipment, facility, materials, etc. and other fees and bills from the radiologist interpreting the exam or performing a procedure. A recent survey of hospital and outpatient fees found that when all costs are included, it may cost 10 times or more for the same exam or procedure at some hospitals compared to facilities like Partners Imaging. At Partners, we are committed to offer single, all inclusive low fee rates to our patients that will be paying out of pocket. You can do your own comparison by calling the hospital to determine the total costs of your exam. Then, call our insurance experts at Partners Imaging to determine what you will be paying, with or without insurance. You will be surprised at the difference.

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