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or diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

Dr Richard Goldberg M.D.
Prostate & Body Imaging Specialist

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    A. A 3T Multiparametric MRI scan is recommended in your case for several reasons. The scan can determine whether you have clinically significant disease, and if so, the location and level of aggressiveness of the tumor (i.e. grade). Increasingly, Urologists are obtaining a 3T MRI prior to biopsy to help localize a potential cancer and to help guide or target their biopsy. This provides for a better sample of tumor and helps target the most significant or highest grade tumor. This information is essential in planning the proper therapy. A random TRUS biopsy performed without a prior MRI scan will miss up to 30% of significant cancers. This is possibly why you have some doubts about your prior ultrasound results.

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